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  1. DJ Dr Wattz – President and Co Owner Of Son Of Man Records, Dj Dr Wattz is an abnormality in the music industry. As he will tell you, " music is one of 2 things, a note or a rest. Dr Wattz developed his musical roots early as a child living in Shreveport Louisiana. Dr Wattz expelled playing drums through multiple church venues, graduating to elementary school playing the Upright Bass. High School brought Classical Music, the Sousaphone, Tenor Sax, and various other band instruments. In 2013 Dr Wattz secured a position as a composer under the Viacom umbrella. Multi genre music is the pulse of Dj Dr Wattz's music. Dr Wattz decrees that composition in multiple genres spurs not only continual inspiration but the desire to further his genre expansion. Dj Dr Wattz's desire is to allow as much music to flow outward as possible.
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    Love that design.

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